Choosing a Guitar – Beginner’s Guide

Any musicians know very well and always remember how they get their first guitar which usually known as axe. The axe here means make it as learning your way to become musician or break the opportunity for you to become one. As beginner guitarist want to be, you know that you are dreaming to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix, but let’s not keep your hope too high because before you refer yourself as the next Jimi Hendrix, you need to learn the basic and one of the basics is to choose the great guitar instrument as it offers you a much easier time in learning how to play it and performing in front of audience later on.

Choosing a guitar is almost as if you are choosing for a wife because if you choose poorly, the guitar will give you a hard time in learning how to use it and very frustrating task at hand. As part of the beginner guitar buying guide, do not be tempted on the physical look and the price of the guitar, but rather on the technical question like whether you able to master and play the guitar very well or not. There are so many guitar brands out there and here are some of recommendations for you and just so you know that all are going to cost you less than $400.

The first guitar for you is the Squier by Fender the “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Electric Guitar Bundle where you do not have to buy any additional accessories because you get everything you need to get started with. The second guitar for you is the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar which made in Quebec-Canada and built based on the principle of beautiful hand-crafted guitar. The third guitar is the Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar where the physical appearance of this guitar is capturing the attitude of rock legends like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Slash of Guns ‘n Roses.

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Educational Vacation in London

Do you know why London is considered as the number destination to get higher education besides Australia? It is because London is very rich in history and of course they have some of the best educational institution compare to other countries. But if you can’t get the opportunity to continue your education in London, scheduling for education vacation seems possible for you to spend this summer instead of having fun without getting anything in return. So, what do you have in mind whenever you hear about London? Big Ben, the iconic red telephone box, Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, a black London taxi, and many more.

If you check out the list of tourism spots in London, you will know what most tourists are referring this capital of UK as the educational vacation because the top ten tourist destinations are offering fun educational tours. To give you glimpse about London, watch this video and guarantee that you want to visit London and earn more historical knowledge. From the top ten tourist destinations, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is probably considered as one of the most visited museum each year because this is where you can look at the wax version of some of the most popular people in the world.

After visited the wax museum, it is time to challenge yourself to see London from the higher place and this attraction is not recommended for those who suffer heart disease, height phobia, and low blood pressure. The London Eye is considered as new tourist attraction in London where they put giant ferries wheel which rotates slowly so you can capture the vast area of London from above. At night, this London Eye attraction has become the most popular photo object for photographers due to the lights around the ferries wheel which very contrast with the surrounding night time.

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Online Arabic Music Directory

The title of this post might confuse you a little bit because you might think that there is no way for you to listen to Arabic musical instruments, but for others, it makes them feel as if they are home. The number of Arabic immigrants is registered around the world and just like Chinatown; they also have their own Arabic town where the Arabic music played to remind them of their homeland and to overcome the homesickness.

There are two possible ways to get the appropriate Arabic music to indulge your ear: download from an online directory and transfer the file from your favorite Arabic CDs. Or you can also burn your Arabic music collections to any of your music player devices such as iPod and MP4 player. Perhaps among the two solutions to get music with Arabic style, downloading it from the online music directory is considered as the most practical and very economical although you have to make sure that what you are downloading is legal music stuffs and do not practice any online piracy. The online Arabic musical directory is not only useful for online listeners, but also breakthrough artists who would like to gain online popularity.

Many breakthrough artists are sharing their latest work or singing project on the online Arabic musical directory because they know that sharing through online social media or online music sharing tools can help them reach popularity faster. Whether you want to download mp3of the Arabic musical instruments or songs, or if you are an artist who would like to let the world know about your musical capability, this is the perfect place for you to start. You do not need to be confused in choosing which Arabic songs or musical instruments that you want to download because the online musical directory already classified them based on the genres.

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DIY Guitar Pick Punch

What do you do if your guitar pick suddenly broken or missing? Most of the times, you probably already store some backup guitar picks, but things can be so annoyingly disturbing when you are running out of guitar picks and this exactly why you have to make your own guitar pick. Is it possible to have your very own Pick punch? Yes it is and you do not have to pay guitar craftsmen a lot of money to make your very own guitar pick because there is a tool which can be used to make guitar picks from unused credit cards, subway cards, shopping cards, and many others.

Not only you are saving money to make the customized and personal guitar pick, but you also helping Mother Nature to recycle those unwanted cards. Of course there are some requirements that you have to follow because not all unused cards are able to be used as your personal guitar picks. You need to find unused cards which at least have the density and flexibility of credit and debit cards because other types of cards might not share the same density and flexibility. How long does it take to create your very own guitar pick from unused credit cards?

It does not take that long to create your very own guitar picks because you only need couple of minutes by inserting the cards to the available 3 strips and you can immediately start creating custom guitar picks for you and your friends. This guitar pick punch tool is not expensive if you compare it by placing order for guitar pick on the guitar craftsmen because this tool only costs $23.95. It can be the perfect gift idea for this year’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and even birthday presents. So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own guitar pick tool now!

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The New Generation of Hip Hop Beat

The hip hop music has always been associated with black people and no matter how you want to refuse the fact; you have to admit that it is the back people who able to nourish the hip hop music and automatically be part of modern pop culture. In time, the hip hop music is growing and artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, have to thank to the early predecessor hip hop artists like Tupac Shakur because without his musical art works, today’s generation might unable enjoying the various creation of hip hop music. Speaking about the various creation of hip hop music, thanks to the advanced technologies and advanced musical electronic devices, many new breakout artists are easily create their own hip hop genre and set up fans basis of their own. Just like other types of music, hip hop music also has their underground version and lately, this underground version of hip hop music is emerging and ready for their public reveal.

The underground version of hip hop music is known as trap beats and it is originated from the term “Trap Houses” because this music has been associated with the underground drug trading. The idea behind creating this new genre of hip hop music is the trap music which is a style of hip hop that formally made by decent individuals as a means incorporating “traps” for bad people so those bad people should fall into the reality and it is also a means to track down who’s who in society. Trap Beat (Hip Hop Beat Genre) is considered as new technique to explaining the dirty south beats and the top pioneered trap creators are Rick Ross, Lex Luger, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, and O da juice man. For your information, these types of trap instrumental music have successfully obtained serious air play lately. Creating the trap beats can be done by using the 808 sub kick which acts like the main base line of the song.

As part of the trap beats, playing the chord structure on the trap beat is where the rest of the instrumental is made. If you still confuse, you can listen to the “BMF” by Rick Ross and Lex Luger’s instrumental where this piece of music gained both major and public recognition and in the end, pushed Lex Luger to be Hip Hop’s one of the most sought after music producers. Mr. Luger’s trap beats also used by the Waka Flocka Flame when he released his “Hard in the Paint” and you can definitely sure that there are Lex Luger’s trap beats there. The Lex Luger aspiring trap beats finally caught attention of Jay Z and Kanye West and Beyonce’s other half even created the instrumental part of “H.A.M” which featured on the “Watch The Throne”. There are other trap beat tracks and instrumentals that you can hear like the “Yella Diamons” by Rick Ross and produced by Beat Billionaire. Back then, it seems impossible to combine orchestra shots with hip hop music, but for Rick Ross, it gives him energy burst to create more trap beats.

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Spectacular Dance Moves for Night Club Dancing

The generation of today appreciates great dance music – music that throbs and pulsates, making you move to its beat. It is not surprising that the new generation has also come up with fantastic dance moves.

There are quite a number of dance styles that have caught the fancy of people, making the dance styles so popular that they have become almost iconic of the generations that they represent. Examples of these are the jive, the can-can, and of recent years, Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

The last five years or so have also generated dance styles which everybody seems to be dancing. You can see Hong Kong clubs (ie. Play Club) teeming with people – all dancing in the same style.

What are some of the more popular dance styles that people seem particularly partial to these recent years – dances that you can be certain a lot of people will be displaying moves of when they get to anightclub?

Gangnam Style

Soaring to the top of the charts in 2013, the PSY song, and the dance style it spewed, Gangnam Style was able to surpass previous record sales.  The videos of the dance on the video-sharing website You Tube is ridiculously popular, with one video resulting in almost close to two billion views. Gangnam style is a high-spirited fun dance which mimics riding a horse with exuberance.

The Dougie

Also hugely popular, the Dougie is a dance style with strong hip-hop influence. You move your body in a shimmy, hands combing through hair or close to the head in similar movements. The style has many different variants – with people left to interpret the dance as they would – although most of the movements are clearly discernible as those of the Dougie.  The dance is a result of the Cali Swag District song Teach Me How to Dougie – a gigantic run-away hit on the Billboard hip-hop charts.


Shuffling caught the masses attention in 2011.  The year 2012 saw the dance style at the height of its popularity. There were even dance-studios and clubs put up specifically to teach this particular style of dancing. Dance enthusiasts took to it like the proverbial fish to water. It’s obvious popularity led songwriters to compose more shuffling music to accommodate its following. The hit songs widely associated with the dance are LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and Sexy and I know it.

Cotton Eye Joe

The Rednecks came out with a song Cotton Eye Joe with a definitive village-and-slick vibe to it. Its beat was conducive to enjoyable and hilarious dance moves which caught the attention and imagination of dance aficionados so strongly that the dance remained hugely popular even a decade after the song was released.


Macarena is a dance style created to be danced to Los Del Rio’s Macarena.  The dance is simple to learn but has generated a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.  With a great number of people taking to the dance floor to dance Macarena when the song is played, the dance can look very vibrant and lively.


This is not really a dance of this decade. Danced to the Village People’s catchy YMCA song, the dance features entertaining, brisk, and fun moves – verging on the amusing and riotous. It became all the rage with the masses shortly after the song was released.  It has remained popular and even now, when the bands play lively “vintage” music to dance to, the dance floor of clubs are bound to come alive when YMCA is played.

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Customize Voice Over

Some people are gifted with voice that has certain character to it while others are considered as standard type of voice. Unfortunately, those people who have character on their voice do not always have career as singer or opera actor, but they use their talent and unique voice as voice over actor and actresses. Not many people are realizing the existence of voice over talents who also known as background narrator and you might encounter with their works on video for presentation. So, what does voice over means and what services do they offer? Let’s find out about this unique voice service and it helps your business and your career.

Thinking about the background voice is an easy thing, but it could be difficult to do because just like background music, the voice from the talented actors and actresses have to be able to raise awareness to whomever listen to them, or at least, make them curious about what they are speaking about. The voice over service is one of the places where you can get unique voice service for various occasions besides presentation video, but also for advertisements, audio guides, video games, audio books, and many others. If you wish for complete service, the aforementioned voice over is available for video production service, training materials, advertising, translations, and many more.

You can choose to submit the voice over materials which written by you or you can discuss it with the voice over team to compose the voice over materials that represent the message which about to be delivered by the voice talents. It is without any reason why we recommend this voice over service for you because not only they deliver the best service for any of your occasions, but also they fulfill your expectations by hiring professional actors and combine it with custom approach as different clients require different service.

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Promoting Music Video on YouTube

Do you believe that visual marketing and promotion is more effective than non-visual marketing methods? If you do, you know that it is without any reason why some advertising companies are applying fewer texts and giving more graphics or images to interpret the clients’ advertising purpose. There is another means of visual marketing, advertising, and promoting that capturing two human’s senses: visual and hearing; and the only way to combine the two is through music video. It is why most companies are willing to finance million dollars of video advertising projects to smoothly seducing the potential clients and customers to buy their products and use their services.

Speaking about music video, you need to choose the perfect media to broadcast and channel your music video and it is without a doubt that an online media offers more effective broadcasting result. We have sum up Tips for Music Video Promotion on YouTube because that is one of the biggest online video media that able to cover all of potential clients and costumers for you no matter what products and services that you are currently offering. Even if you are a musician, you know that uploading and broadcasting your music video through YouTube channel means you automatically expanded your potential fans and audiences.

Recording a video and share it through YouTube has been proven to be one of the quickest and the most effective promotional and marketing methods. You probably remember how Justin Bieber made his debut and he initially thanked YouTube for making his dream come true as many music producers are interested to produce his music album after they watch Bieber’s amateur music videos. As musician, you need to expand your creativity because if you expand your creativity, it means that you are ready to satisfied more clients, customers, and fans with your talents and skills.

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All about Heavy Metal Music

If you think heavy metal is dead you’ve been listening to the wrong music all this time and you’re following the wrong crowd. Hard rock is alive now more than ever, with thrash and metalcore taking it to a whole new level. It’s not difficult to track down and trace the roots die-hard metalheads left because the internet is one of the places where fans are buzzing and keeping each other in the know with the latest news about their favorite rock bands through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the biggest names in rock are Guns ‘N Roses, Metallica, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Scorpions, Skid Row, Motley Crue, and Bullet For My Valentine. They’re the the best in heavy metal rocking their fans for hours straight.

We all know heavy metal had an enormous impact on pop culture in the 80’s, especially once the Headbanger’s Ball became a staple on MTV. The bands also give back to the community and their fans, showing it’s not just about the music.

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Online Music Photo Sharing

The online social media and social network surely bring something new on how people socialize with each other. Can you recall or remember how we socialize with our friends and families before the arrival of internet? We used to write letters and can’t wait to receive the letter which sent by the receiver and no matter how long we wait, when the letter arrives, it is all worth it. Now, sharing news, photos, hobbies, and other interests is just a click away as long as you have stabile internet connection. What are the most popular photos that people shared on the online social media?

There are so many photos with different themes that people are sharing with other people or online users through different online social media and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Googleplus, StumbleUpon, and many others. But sharing music picsis considered one of the most popular activities that you can found at Instagram and it might surprise you that there are so many people with music ability of the singing talent that many music producers do not know about and through sharing their music photos, they can capture the attention of the music producers or even build their online fans base.

The internet and the social media as well as social networks has been such a huge help for breakout artists who might never get their first gig or have the chance to show the world their musical talent. Whether you realize or not, sharing music photos through online social networks have been able to catch the attention of music producers from all over the world and from major music companies. Sharing music photos is also the fastest way to spread any news about new single, new song, new album, or even sharing the music tour and promote pre sale ticket tours.

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