The Music and the Inspiration Behind Leonard Cohen

Born in Quebec, in 1934, Leonard Cohen has made a name for himself in the arts.  Gifted in songwriting, singing, and poetry, he has been inducted to both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  Cohen’s talent draws in new, younger fans, while also continuously enchanting his older fans. But what inspired Mr. Cohen? What (or who) is the driving force behind this fascinating artist?

Leonard Cohen’s influences are found mainly in the literary world. As for poets, he truly looks to the greats for inspiration. In fact, Cohen was a novelist and poet before deciding to pursue singing and songwriting full-time.  This isn’t to say that his writing career wasn’t a successful one. With talent like his, how could it not be? Cohen published several novels and poetry collections prior to delving fully into his music career. Even more interesting, he wrote a lot of his masterpieces while living a quiet, almost reclusive life in his house at Hydra, Greece.

edb941c186734b4fbd5fc120608e81b3-300x225As stated in interviews, Cohen turns to writers such as Homer, Dante, and Milton.  Even in his younger years, he read and drew inspiration from poets, including Whitman, Yeats, and especially Frederico Garcia Lorca. He idolized Lorca so much that he became the namesake of Cohen’s daughter. Cohen also wrote his song, “Take This Waltz,” based on one of his poems.  His dedication to the Spanish poet is apparent in his work.

Aside from literary greats, much of Cohen’s work is influenced by religion and spirituality. Growing up in Montreal, he was immersed in the Catholic religion early on life, although at home he was growing up in a Jewish family. Even his early exposure to literature had religious roots. Cohen started reading poetry and literature through Bible stories and synagogue liturgy, and he has spent time in a Buddhist monastery. This heavy religious background can be seen and felt in his work.

Leonard Cohen has been called a storyteller and a prophet, and a listen to his music will show you why. His song, “The Future,” is a prophecy in itself, with the lyrics, “I ‘ve seen the future, brother:/ it is murder.” Most famously, his song “Hallelujah”, which was covered by Jeff Buckley and also featured in the film Shrek, is latent with religious allusions and spirituality.

Leonard Cohen had had many different influences and inspirations, as we can tell by his deep and moving music. His meaningful lyrics can be traced back to his love for and background in poetry. His varied religious influences are apparent in much of his work, and listening to his songs is a spiritual experience in itself.  His deep, almost gravelly voice immediately draws you in. In case you haven’t already, give Mr. Cohen a listen. You won’t regret it.
This article was written by Mahee Ferlini, a Leonard Cohen connoisseur.  Learn more about Mahee on google+.

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The Legendary FatBoy Slim

If you live in the 80s, you surely know the music trend back in 90s and you surely know that there are so many music legends on that particular period of time. We are not discussing about Michael Jackson because this musician is having a very different music genre than other musicians who are sharing their creative work on the mainstream music industry. Have you ever heard about the fu-fighting music? If you haven’t, you probably not following the music trend off of the mainstream of the music industry. There is only one name which considered as the master of fu-fighting of music and he was born as Quentin “Norman” Cook.

Does that name ring any bell to your music memory during the 90s? You might never know him by his real name because he chose the stage name of FatBoy Slim and his musical career started when he DJing as he moved to Brighton to continue his education at college.  He even formed his first band under the name of Housemartins and asked by his old school friend Paul Heaton to play the bass. When Norman Cook released his first single – Flag Day – released with his aforementioned band and that song immediately stuck into the Top120 charts.

Over the years, Norman Cook who also known as FatBoy Slim was forming different band with some fresh people so he could make new music that indulged his loyal fans. FatBoy Slim scored success with Housemartins, and he formed new band Beats International which was collaboration of different music artists and after took two years of hiatus, he returned and formed FreakPower. FreakPower was a huge hit and blast as one of his single was exclusively signed as Levi’s Jeans for the multimillion dollar advertising campaign back in 1994. This success means worldwide success for FatBoy Slim and definitely adding more fans to this unique and creative British DJ and musician.

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The Best Voice Over Service

Not many people understand what voice over service is, because this type of commercial voice service is better known as narration service. It is without any reason why some businesses are in need for narration service because when they decide to create advertisement for to market and promote their business, choosing amateur to do get the professional narration for the advertisement is almost impossible to give the best result that the business owner is expected. Now, you do not need to cast professional voice over artists because if you hire the online narration service, you can get the best and the result is also the best.

Besides for advertisement purpose, the online narration service is also perfect for independent film makers who make cartoons and other films because in some part of the films, the narration is needed to provide simple explanation for the viewers. The aforementioned online voice over service has various voice over artists who ready to meet any of your voiceover requests because there are so many ranges of clients and all of them are hiring the voice over service for different reasons and purposes. Some might need voice over artists who have Australian accent or even English with European accent while others might need the voiceover artist for political campaigns.

What advantages that you get if you rely your business on the hand of voice over service to promote your business? The voice over service casted their artists with very high standards, expectations, as well as qualifications because they will be needed for various purposes and that is why those artists are professional talents, able to voice all languages and accents, bets voice for animations and cartoons, and actors and actresses with experience in voice over talent. You can get the voice over service by following these simple steps: choose the artist, set the deadline, send your script, order and pay, and get your voice over result.

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Musician and YouTube Channel

Being an independent musician is never easy because winning a spot on the commercial label or music production house is difficult as there are so many new musicians who are willing to do everything in get a musical contract deal. But today, many commercial music labels are turning their attention to musicians who are using the online video sharing platform like YouTube to discover new talents. As for the musicians, by sharing their home-taped musical videos on YouTube and other online video sharing platforms, not only they are promoting and marketing their musical talent in unique way, but they also building fan base of their own.

You already know the success story behind Justin Bieber who uploaded his various musical videos of him singing, joining singing contests and even his video when he played various different musical instruments and thanks to his mother who uploaded those videos, Bieber is sealing musical contract and becoming protégé under famous hip-hop artist – Usher. As new musician, Justin Charney uses the YouTube channel to share his musical talents and his musical abilities for others to get to know him. This unique new musician is majoring his musical talent in drums because not everyone has the ability in playing drums.

You can follow the Charney’s journey in conquering the music industry by beating the drums and you can choose to be the witness of his journey by following any social networks that you know like iTunes, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, the YouTube channel. If you want to meet Justin in person or watch him on action while he is beating his drums, just check the French Montana’s tour schedule 2014 because this young and talented drummer has been exclusively picked to be part of the French Montana’s tour. Go ahead and leave message for Justin Charney because he understands that besides his love to music, the fans are people who support him in the music industry.

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What It Takes to Learn the Piano

A lot of people want to learn how to play the piano well and you might even be one of them! But learning the piano is not an easy task and takes a certain level of commitment in order to master. So what exactly does it take to learn the piano right? Here is what you’ll need to start.

Quality Sheet Music

First and foremost, you’ll need sheet music you’ll want to learn. Obviously you need to start off with the very basics first, which are single note sheet music, preferably ones that deal with one hand at a time. After you understand the technicalities of playing you can move on to simple chords and scales. You will need to know the different types of chords as many songs make use of them. Only after you’ve mastered the simple songs can you move on to the more advanced ones, such as Clair de Lune or Fur Elise.


Patience is needed if you’ll want to learn how to play the piano well. It takes patience not only to learn the very basics but to learn new songs as well. Don’t think that it’ll be a piece of cake once you know how to play the piano, because learning new songs is an entirely different process. If you don’t have that much patience to begin with, learning the piano is a great way to help you learn it. As they say, all good things come to those who wait.


Practice is another key to learning the piano well. You’ll need to be determined and motivated in order to progress. Practice every day is recommended as it makes it a routine as well as a steady process. We recommend setting aside 20 minutes to an hour every day in order to practice the piano. If you ask the masters of piano what the contributing factor to their success was, they’ll tell you it was practice, practice, practice. You’ll learn soon enough that mastery of the piano is exponential; you’ll start slow at first but once you practice long enough, you’ll know it like the back of your hand!

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The Beat-Creating Software Review

Have you ever tried to produce your own music by using the music production software which also refers as beat-creating software? If you haven’t, you should try it although you have to be really careful in choosing which music production software that you have to buy and install to your computer device. There are many software to create your very own music, but there is one software which believed and proven to provide the easiest beat-creating software that you will find in the market. What makes this new software easy to operate and use is the fact that many of the controls are on one particular window, but you probably notice that the structure is slightly different from the traditional tracks and levels.

You can choose to use your keyboard or mouse to start to make the beats for your music and with the help from one of several preloaded engineered looks and hundreds of premade loops, it is almost impossible not to be able to create and produce your very own music. The btv solo software is easy beat-creating software in the market because the software has tracks, levels, and style of regular beat-making applications and those considered as valuable assets in creating new music.

With more than 1,000 skillfully made beats, you can add your very own track as many as 16 tracks and you can circulate or review through the tracks that you have created or delete any tracks that you do not like by using the mouse or keyboard. Using the custom beat-making mode means the software is immediately quantizes your music by matching them with the rhythm of your beat to the tempo that you set. This unique software is also has the ability to edit the WAV-based data files which allows you to include the results and add a delay to your beats.

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Software for Making Digital Beat

The development of technology makes people easily learn about something and create their own arts. Creating music is not as difficult as it used to be because there are so many computer music software that you can use to create your own music although you still have a bit of interest and music skill in order to do so or otherwise, what you get is nothing but unrhymed beats. Speaking about digital beat, there are so many software available for you, but currently there is a software which considered being the most popular software and that software is none other than the Dr. DRUM.

What makes the aforementioned digital beat software is more popular than other software? Anyone who listens or hears the beats which created from the Dr. DRUM is always stated that they love the beat and the rhythm that goes along with it. Here is the short dr drum review and it is completely not your fault if you fall in love immediately with tunes, beats, and rhythms from this digital beat software. The Dr. DRUM digital beat software offers simple download software and no matter what type of browser that you use – Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, and any others – you can easily have access to download this software.

If this is your very first time in using digital beat software, you do not need to be confused in using this software because the Dr. DRUM has video tutorials which you can easily watch and understands. The language used on the video tutorials is simple and you do not have to think hard when you use other similar digital beat software. And for seasoned beat professionals, going through the video tutorials from Dr. DRUM surely likes walking in the park. Another reason why Dr. DRUM is considered as number one choice is because they make it personal and it means that you have the power to control every aspect in producing the beat from the beginning to the end.

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The Online Punk Rock Video Directory

For punk rock fans, some of them are finding it is difficult to find the compilation of their favorite bands. This area of rock is unique and there are different schools of thought from music experts. The music is combining what used to be two different music genres because rock still one of the most famous and popular music genres, while punk was not getting the same respect and recognition that the rock got.

The first time it appeared on the scene in the music industry was in the mid 90′s until 2005. Today, many punk rock bands are releasing new albums about every two years and touring for each album about a year. ePunx has videos of the best punk rock bands of all-time like All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s, Simple Plan, and many more. So, what does the aforementioned online video listing provide? Besides the list of various bands they offer direct links to each of their videos.

You can access the online video directory for punk rock bands without having to type in the song or band in the YouTube search. Some of the bands might not be active and watching their old videos can help bring back memories of some great moments in your life.

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Why You Need Your Own Music Graphic Designer

The world of music seems to be one of the very competitive games, if the latest developments are anything to go by. And on this note, I can comfortably say that the industry has gone a step higher, into a world where the stronger and wittiest survives! My claims can be backed up by the dynamic shift which has taken the music business by a storm, for example, the unpredictable release of albums and songs, frequent and stellar music tours, and much more.

All these just makes the music industry a bit challenging for average minds, and this is the reason why any ambitious artist needs to think out of the box. Naturally, artists and rappers usually jump into the booth, and spit what they have in mind (lyrics), and expect everything to work out. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case with music business. Things have changed, and for that I am sorry to burst your bubble.

urlIt is every artist’s wish to be on top of his or her game, at the end of the day. However, I must admit they usually toil hard to make ends meet, because music industry is a one daunting niche. Anyway, without further ado, what’s the best way to cement a place in an industry that is filled with neck-breaking competition? Music success is one niche that has proven to be a nightmare for many people. There are no exact formulae to make a breakthrough; however, there are some sure approaches to place your music right on the track. I am talking about being a force-to-reckon with in the game. A great weight lies behind the graphic accompanying your mixtape or CD. From another angle it means you need to catch the attention of your fans.

Since time immemorial, mixtape cover appearance has been the center of music success in terms of the number of sales, and fans. Ideally, a mind-invigorating cover ensures a musician garners a substantial following from fans, and increased sales. Who does not want this type of success, unless you confused your career for a musician? Unfortunately, all these things cannot be carried out by your average designer in the hood, or street. You need to look for a well-qualified music graphic designer, who will not only design your cover, but also amplify your popularity. Sounds impossible? Well, your own music graphic designer has the chance to determine your destiny in music.

Another thing that you need to know is that your cover acts as the most essential advertisement for your music career. In many cases, listeners will make a real quick decision, concerning the quality of your music, basically based on the quality of your artwork. Nonetheless, you can create a great and appropriate impression, without affecting your bank or pocket. Now, why should you find your own music graphic designer?

A music graphic designer has the ability to create a cover that an artist requires, without necessarily risking losing your fans by releasing wacky mixtape covers. On the other hand,it is always advisable to create a more personal rapport with a music graphic designer. This will allow great chemistry between an artist, with the graphic designer hence increasing the chances of designing what an artist actually requires. Naturally, such type of chemistry normally works in the music industry, because at the end, the result product will always be mind-boggling. And this is the right recipe to approach the music business, most especially for an upcoming and ambitious artist.

music graphic designerMoreover, a professional music graphic designer often has roots in the music industry, and in many cases s/he knows the importance of a music graphic to you. Graphics normally give your music a more professional touch, and makes you look like you know what you are doing. Actually, it is high time artists and rappers differentiated the music industry and music business, where the former means you are simply doing it for the love of music, and the latter is all about making some good money and perquisites at the end of the day. In addition, music graphic designer will go a notch higher to offer you many packages such as; a variety of stock options, complete color, and double-sided printing, among many others. This will cement your position in the game, most especially after the graphics are accompanied by a one hell of a song.

Besides having a great music graphic designer, it is always important to work hard on your part, and never disappoint. An artist has the obligation to deliver real music to his or her fans, in order to be even more successful. It is no-brainer that a great music graphic, coupled with wacky song or album is a total waste of time. Simultaneously, you need to pull up your socks and deliver good music. In as much as professional music graphics has the attraction power for fans to love your mixtape or CD, per se, a great and skillfully combined song is equally important. So, do not miss that point.

You can judge a mixtape by its cover,and for this reason, you have no reason but to get all your music artwork from a qualified graphic designer. A more friendly and personal music graphic designer will definitely go beyond the new customer relations, and strive to give you high quality designs, and sometimes make a follow up. The good thing about this whole processis that everything starts from scratch, and ends up to a jaw-breaking piece of artwork, where anything can be customized to fit your personal desire. You can get everything done, provided there is a good chemistry with the designer. And this will also be facilitated by the fact that the graphic designer is well-versed with what he or she doing, and also suffice of designing skills.

Nonetheless, musicians normally work hard to compose and record their songs, so why throw all this into wastage? Do not risk losing your lovely fans, and respect in the game, because you simply never had in mind how your mixtape cover will look like. Go for the right music graphic designer, and everything will fall into place, including your mixtape covers.

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Legal Music Mixing Service

The title of this post is simple and quite represents what the music industry is facing these days where there are so many illegal music mixing happening and sadly, most of them are for commercial profit. You can help the music industry and all the musicians in it by starting to get the legal music mixing service for any of your special occasions. Of course you need to found them the musician and the recording studio which able to deliver the type of mixing that you want. There is a musician with more than 20 years of experience in the music industry who currently offer legal music mixing service.

His music mixing service is legal because with his experience in working countless platinum hit records plus a GRAMMY nomination, you can get the music mixing that you need legally and with very reasonable cost. The Online Mixing Service is not only available for personal purposes, but also other type of clients such as bands and solo artists with the musical genre is pop, rock, dance, and country music. Another unusual reason that this musician is sharing about giving his ability in mixing music is because he knows that there are so many new artists or musicians who struggle to produce and release songs on their own without the help from the major labels.

It does not stop there because the audio schools today are also playing part in graduating so many music engineers who unfortunately, inexperience. There are some processes where those music engineers have to go through so they can mix everyone’s records, especially when they want to be acknowledged about their musical abilities. There are four basic processes that music engineer has to go through and they are internship, assisted under supervision of established music engineers, opportunity to start recording after at least a year of practice, and after many years in improving your recording experience as recording engineer, the music engineer would get the opportunity in mixing a record.

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